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Engineered designs for your groundworks
Engineered designs for temporary roads, and working platforms.

Our Partners; consulting engineers Rodgers Leask are available, to ensure that all your construction specifications and loading requirements can be met cost effectively and safely. With fully warranted designs. Crane platform and Piling mat certification can be provided when required.

full soil testing laboratory
Full laboratory testing of site soils to verify RoadCem designs

We operate a full soil testing laboratory where your site soils can be tested with RoadCem to prove the design dosage will safely meet even the most extreme loadings and durability requirements. Density, Compressive strength, Breaking strain and Dynamic modulus of Elasticity will all be confirmed. We use Bisar 3 Software Linear Elastic modeling, to check the Modulus of Elasticity, Poisson's Ratio and Vertical and Horizontal Shear properties.

We can supervise all groundworks
Experienced contractors and our own supervision, during installation.  

We work closely with specialist ground work contractors: DNS (Midlands) Ltd and Barton Ltd both these excellent companies are fully experienced in the installation of RoadCem soil concrete. Our own engineers are also available to supervise and carry out batch testing to prevent any installation problems occurring, taking all the risk out of your ground works:


m: 07712 772366


m: 07795 265314



RoadCem is a blend of Noble and none Noble metals, together with synthetic Zeolites, bringing Nano technology to the UK soil stabilisation market.

The process which modifies standard cement hydration to allow in-situ site soils of any type to be utilised to replace imported stone as the base element for roads, compounds and piling and heavy crane platforms.

RoadCem zeolite soil concrete can meet the highest of loading and durability requirements.

It will remain crack free and waterproof. With high visco elastic properties RoadCem has been used worldwide and uniquely it can be used without a wearing course or running surface, making it easy to recycle when used for temporary works.

These unique qualities create important construction advantages over alternative soil stabilisation methods:

  • Crack free, reduces failure risk and degradation.

  • Improved thermal properties reduce frost and weather damage. Allowing stabilisation works to continue in both hot, cold and damp weather.

  • Flexible not brittle, increased stiffness and impact resistance.

  • Treats all soil types, so no top soils to be removed or  stone to be imported. Enabling stabilisation  to your existing site levels.

  • The proven dynamic absorption properties of RoadCem soil concrete allow easy, fast, safe piling

  • Maintenance free with no wearing course or surface protection required.

  • 100% recycleable, enables fast economic reinstatement, with nothing to be removed from site.

  • Typical 250mm RoadCem soil concrete layer will achieve 3,000 MPa without risk of cracking. With a deflection of just 0.36mm at the base under standard truck axle loadings.


Road Reconstruction

New Road Construction

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Improve your Road Reconstruction results and long term performance with RoadCem.

RoadCem manufactured in Holland is designed to modify the reaction of cement when it is used for hydraulically binding road base materials.

Adding RoadCem increases the Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity, reduces cracking and permeability, improving road base performance and long term durability.

RoadCem when added to cement increases crystallisation quickly during hydration. Forming a dense flexural matrix of cement threads which forces out moisture and fills voids. In-Situ road reconstruction or recycling with cement and RoadCem is fast, cost effective and reliable. With no reflective cracking and/or rutting.

With reduced pot holes and water/frost damage, ongoing maintenance costs should also be far lower.

The Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity is the parameter which determines the spread of applied loads through the road base. In road construction this value is the relationship between stress and deformation created by repetitive loadings.


A FlipBook explaining the concepts of RoadCem can be viewed here:


Early tests results on road base samples currently under test at Norfolk Labs are showing a remarkable improvement in strength, with RoadCem added compared to just cement alone.





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